Residential & Trade Center of Sareyin

Our design is based on the following limitations:

Ecological features: high sun radiation, high latitude, low humidity, low raining, cold winter, very hot summer, high fluctuation of temperature during night and day, low plant coverage, dusty weather. Building volume: extended cuboids, Building form: extended rectangle (plan), Building roof: Dom-shaped, Air-conditioning: increasing height of room’s to accelerate outflow of warm air through openings located at top of the dome, Great opening toward central yard-Yard has paved ford and flower bed pit, High and narrow wind wards, Equipped with basement, cistern and cellar to cool the building , Face of the building is coated with shining, light-colored materials, thatch, Thick walls, Materials with high thermal mass.
Urban texture features: Buildings are connected together, compressed urban texture: narrow passages with high walls having elements to porch which function as canopy and used as buttress considering statics. High walls of houses which mostly located at eastern –western direction, Wind wards are located at southern direction. Having secondary yards termed as Narenjestan. Porch is located along vertical or northern axes, Houses are somehow rotated toward west or western south in order to take more light, heat contact level , Houses are inner directed, Buildings are located toward south eastern south.