Vertical Garden “2

باغ عمودی از مجموعه پروژه های پژوهشی است که در جهان طراحی میان گستره بر اساس دغدغه های توجه به طبیعت، بهبود کیفیت زندگی شهری و کاهش تنش و شلوغی شهرها طراحی شده است. این دومین پروژه ای است که در وب سایت منتشر می شود.

Vertical Garden is a collection of research projects that designed in Interdisciplinary Design Universe based on concerns about nature, improving the quality of urban life and reducing the stress and bustle of cities.

This project is designed in contrast to the residential and office towers that have filled our cities and let the people do not breathe. On the top floor there is an artificial forest, with a glass ceiling that covers the sky and windows to the city; It illustrates the contrast between nature and urban life.

In this building you can imagine yourself in a hill that is full of flowers and plants. You can exercise, read books, eat and socialize with friends and …

Design team: Ali Khiabanian, Leila Manzouri