Ali Khiabanian

Academic member of Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Brach (2010 )

Visiting instructor at TOBB university of economy & technology , 2017


 سایت فروش کتب و محصولات طراحی شده توسط علی خیابانیان:

– Master of Architecture, Spring 2004, IA-Tabriz University (IAUT)
– M. Sc. courses and thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Vahid Shahli Amini: “The Modern Art Museum of Tabriz”, a research on The art of 20th century and modern temporary movements …:
– High School Diploma – Mathematics and physics, 1997.


Area of Interest

-      History and Theory of Architecture.

-      Principles of Research in Architectural Design Process.

-      The Moving Image between Art and Architecture

-      Parametric Design



Computer Skills

Microsoft Office 2010, AutoCad 2d & 3d, Adobe Photoshop CC, Lumion 5 , 3ds Max 2014, Adobe premiere Cs4.


A selection of research activities and design background in architecture

- Researcher at the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization and making 25 restoration designs for the Organization (for more than 300 years old buildings of Iran) in the office of “Pegah-e Fanavaran”, these designs are now accepted as the restoration program of those buildings (They are located in Kohkiloye and Boyer Ahmad province in Iran), 1999-2000.
– Member of design team, Farazab Consulting Engineers, 2001-2003.
– Member of Board of Editors of “Architecture Urbanism News Agency” (ARUNA), 2005-2008,  ISSN: 1735 – 5222,

- Member of Board of Editors of “Nagshe No” (weekly on architecture), 2006-2008

- Member of Board of Editors of “Sanat Sakhtoman Daris” (Monthly on architecture), 2005-2007

- Personal office, IDU (Interdiscipline Design Universe), 2007

- cooperation with “Mehr Iman” publication, 2011


- Jury member of 23rd Cycle of World Architecture Community’s WA Awards, 2016

- Jury member of 24rd Cycle of World Architecture Community’s WA Awards, 2017


- Jury member of 25rd Cycle of World Architecture Community’s WA Awards, 2017






Painting & Poetry:

- Dancing Shadows, Iran, winter 2004

- Leila & Rain man, Iran, summer 2008

-  Song & Silence, USA, 2016




- The role of Creativity in Design Process1,Iran, 2009.

- The role of Creativity in Design Process2, Iran, 2010.

- Thoughts of the awake mind, Iran, 2011.

- The role of Creativity in Design Process3 (Parametric Architecture), Iran, 2012.

- Line & Color in Architecture (Collection of student’s Sketches), Iran, 2013.

- Ideas of Facade Design, Iran, 2014

- Conceptual Sketches in Architectural Design, Supreme Century, USA, 2014

_The Role of Brain Hemispheres in Architectural Design, USA, 2015

– Impact of parametric design on young architects, USA, Supreme Art, 2016

 – Tissues as a board for creative sketches “ideas for architectures, landscape, Pattern & textile design,  Supreme Century, USA, 2016

Amazon link for books:

Essay & Research

- Gongah square, printed in “Hamshahri” Iranian Daily Newspaper, No.3443, 20July 2004.

- Collection of digital paintings, printed in “Tandis Art Biweekly” No.37, Nov 2004.

- A pyramid for peace “Norman Foster” translated & printed in “Hamshahri” (Iranian Daily Newspaper), March 2005.

-The mysteries of space & surface “the architectural critic of Herzog & de Meuron’s works” printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” (Iranian Monthly on Architecture & engineering), No.29-30, March 2005.

- Minimalism in Architecture, printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” (Iranian Monthly on Architecture & engineering), No.29-30, March 2005.

- Conceptual Art, printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” No.31, May 2005.

- Robert Slutzky “architect, painter & author” printed in “Hamshahri” (Iranian Daily Newspaper), No.3698, 15may 2005.

-  Modern Art Museum “a master’s thesis” printed in “Sakhteman va Computer” (Iranian Monthly on Architecture & engineering), No.7, May 2005.

- Cement, printed in “Hamshahri” Jun 2005.

- The historical view of square, printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” No.33, Jul 2005.

- The architectural critic of “Fridrich Hundertwasser” Austrian Architect, printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” No.34, Aug 2005.

- A critic of Iranian Architectural Publication, printed in “Hamshahri” No.3775, Aug 2005.

-  Criticizing of Hyper Technocrat of 21st century, printed in “Hamshahri” No.3781, 23Aug 2005.

- Toward a New Collectivistic culture, printed in “Hamshahri” 24Aug 2005.

- Deconstruction is not enough, printed in “Hamshahri” No.3816, 4Oct 2005.

- Cheap Dwelling, printed in “Hamshahri” No.3816, 4Oct 2005.

- Take Care of Butterfly (A not on the problems of homelessness), printed in “Hamshahri” No.3822, 11Oct 2005.

- A Perspective to metamorphism from the contextual described milieu to the metaphorical place, printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” No.37, Nov 2005.

- The challenge of Architectural way of Thinking, printed in “Hamshahri” 22Nov 2005.

- To Deconstruct in an Architectural Manner (Peter Eisenman), Translated & Printed in “Sanat-e-Sakhtoman Daris” No.38, Dec 2005.

- Urban Design, printed in “Hamshahri” No.3885, 27Dec 2005.

- Looking for a local up today Architecture in Persian Architecture, printed in “Hamshahri” 6Apr 2006.

- Hamam “Persian Bathroom” an approach to domestic architecture, Printed in “Decorasion-e- Dakheliy Daris, (Iranian Monthly on Interior Design), No 1, Apr 2006.

- Color & Space, printed in “Hamshahri” 3May 2006.

- Color in Interior Design, Printed in “Decorasion-e-Dakheliy Daris”, No 2, May 2006.

- Lack up Supportive Atmosphere in Persian Contemporary Architecture, printed in “Negshe No” (Iranian Weekly on Architecture, Urbanism & Art), No 2, 10Aug 2006.

-Industrial & Environment, printed in “Negshe No”, No 6, 14Sep 2006.

- “Architectural Thinking, Think full Architecture”, printed in “Negshe No”, No 8, 3Oct 2006.

- Interview Kourush Rafie (Architecture & Painter), printed in “Negshe No”, No 12, 12 Nov 2006.

- Sustainable House in Iran’s Desert, Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, TextRoad Publication, 2012.


- Architecture in Native language, printed in “Hamshahri Memari” Iran, Tehran, 2013



Conferences and Lectures

-      The Role of Creativity in Architectural Education, Bonab Azad University, Congress on Architecture and Design Education, Bonab, Iran, 2007.

-      Sustainable house in Iran’s desert, International Conference on Clean Energy “ICCI”, Gazimagusa – N. Cyprus, 15-17 September, 2010

-      The Role of Creativity in Architecture, Sama university, Tabriz, 2010

-      From Sketch to Architecture, Sama University, Tabriz, December 2012.

-      Member of the Arbitration Committee of the International Conference of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Sustainable Development (, 2013

-      Member of the Arbitration Committee of the International Conference of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Sustainable Development (, 2014

-      The Role Creativity in Architectural Design, Sama University, Tabriz, December 2015.



-      World Architecture Community Awards 2. Cycle, Trade center of Iran national industries, 2008.

-      Portal of Tabriz University, Second Prize, Iran, Tabriz, 2008.

-      Architecture Biennial Book Award “The Role of Creativity in Architectural Design 3 (Parametric Architecture”,  Iran’s Architecture Prideworthies Fundation“”, 2013.

-      Architecture Biennial Book Award ” Thoughts of the awake mind (Concdeptual sketches)”, Iran’s Architecture Prideworthies Fundation “”, 2013.

-      Architecture Biennial Book Award ” Ideas of Facade Design”,  Iran’s Architecture Prideworthies Fundation “”, 2015.


Painting Exhibitions

-      The voice of color, Solo Exhibition, Behzad Gallery, Tabriz, Iran, July 2004.

-      Group Exhibition, Shafag Gallery, Tehran, Iran, July 2005.

-      Solo Exhibition, Servat Gallery, Tehran, Iran, Oct 2006.

-      Fajr Visual Arts Festival ”Group Exhibition”, Tabriz, Iran, 2011.


Architecture Exhibitions

-    Moebius Space, (Collection of my student’s Sketches) Tabriz Azad University, Tabriz, May 2012.

-   Line & Color (Collection of my student’s Sketches), Tabriz Azad University, December 2012.

– Nagsh o Junun (Parametric Patterns) , Tehran, Shahid Beheshti University, 2017