The Interdiscipline design Universe founded in 2007 by Ali Khiabanian & Leila Manzouri. Different architectural projects with residential, commercial, administrative and cultural themes were designed in the last years. Besides designing activities, other research and studying activities on the relation found between architecture and visual arts, modern technology, stability topics, social sciences and psychology are considered as the important topics in the schedule of this studio. In the current extended and complicated world, it is impossible to have a complete and stable creation ignoring the effects and the relation between sciences and technologies. The specialized world of the 20th century progresses toward interdiscipline concepts. Therefore, we witness important technological, intellectual and even ontological progress.

The activities of the interdicipline studio have been started with the studying of creativity and effects of hemispheres of human brain on designing progress. Studying the function of hemisphere and recognition of psychological and cognitive specialties of human mind, on one hand, and studying sketches, books, designs and theories of architectures such as Paelo Solery, Locorboziye, Charles jenkez, Kalaterava, Zaha Hadid and etc. in designing and editing of diagrams and architectural designing process, on the other hand, were regarded as effective factors in this regard. Since every project has its special needs and requirements, so a special designing process should be considered for every project. Such approach has provided us the opportunity to perform projects with different themes, needs and forms.

The activities resulted in publishing two painting and poetry books, four architectural books with the themes of “the Role of Creativity in Architectural Designing Process”, ” Parametric Designing” and “Conceptual Sketches”, three painting exhibitions and an architectural exhibition including the works of students of Islamic Azad University of Tabriz recently held by the Interdicipline Studio. Meanwhile, the Interdicipline design studio has held different workshops on paint, designing process and computer modeling since 2010.

Four major principles of the Interdiscipline Design Universe:

–          Focus on social, local and cultural specialties of each society and their recognition and involvement in designing of projects

–          Respecting the environment and using the sustainable architectural patterns

–          Creative designing with recognition of promotion of brain function and physiology of human body.

–          Appropriate application of modeling software in order to design, simulate and analyze different locations of the architectural project.


Architectural Workshops

–      Creativity in architectural design

–      Conceptual sketch

–      Parametric design

–      3dmax & Vray for architects

–      Post production

–      Architectural animation


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