Sustainable House in Iran’s Desert


The buildings in the Iranian desert regions are constructed according to the specific climatic conditions and differ
from those in other climates. Lofty walls, narrow and dry streets, highly elevated air traps, big water reservoirs and
arched roofed chambers, are the outstanding features of desert towns in Iran. Hot summer and cold winter which are
because of arid environment and also dusty storms, dry and hot and nasty winds have forced human to find a
remedy. After thousands years and by gaining experience people has found solutions with diverse shapes for this
important case. The desert buildings are equipped with air traps, arched roofed, water reservoirs with arched domes
and ice stores for the preservation of ice. Today because of technology development, new techniques have replaced
these native solutions. In this study we try to show theoretical topics about issues of stability, climate, green
architecture, energy saves and naturalization of architecture in a modern framework and according to aesthetic
criteria, which are rarely considered in given issues. Also subjects relating to the materials of buildings and the
method of operation of the traditional cooling systems in the cities in the Iranian desert regions are described

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