The Bench

طراحی نیمکت برای فضای داخلی و خارجی. منعطف با امکان توسعه و تغییر چیدمان

طراح و مدل سازی و رندرینگ: علی خیابانیان

The star seat is designed with the idea of changing the face of the city and space.

It’s like a shock that changes the atmosphere of space and lets the audience experience the spaceship.

This project is part of IDU Architects’s  furniture collection. This series is trying to change the face of human life.

The initial design started by drawing a star in Max’s software. Its shape gradually changed and became a three-dimensional star with rounded corners. At first I thought of designing an urban element. But with the arrangement of the stars and the connection between them, a suitable structure was created for sitting.

This structure can be arranged in different modes.The design is like a spaceship that will have a major impact on the changing climate of the city with the attractiveness of form and the variety of layouts. Especially for kids who can climb and play.

Designer: Ali Khiabanian

Interdisciplinary Design Universe